3 Main Differences Between Edibles & Smoking

Many Glendale residents believe the misconception that there isn’t much difference between smoking marijuana and eating it. The end goal is the same — getting high — and so, therefore, the rest of the process must be the same as well. However, this isn’t true at all. Ingesting marijuana is different from smoking it in a variety of ways, and you should be familiar with the differences before you switch from one method to the other. Being unaware of the effects of edibles when you’re used to smoking cannabis can lead to dangerous overconsumption and bad experiences with the substance. In order to be an educated consumer, make sure that you know these three main differences between edibles and smoking before you next go into your local weed shop.

#1. Absorption & Effects

When you ingest marijuana in an edible rather than smoke it, the way the THC is absorbed is much different. When marijuana is inhaled, it travels directly to the brain. This causes a quicker high, but it also causes the effects to dimish much more quickly. When you ingest marijuana via an edible, the THC is metabolized by the liver into 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite results in a much more intense and long-lasting high, although it takes longer for you to feel the effects. This is why users are cautioned to be patient when ingesting edibles, as the high won’t set in as quickly as regular smokers might be used to. However, the high will be much more potent and therefore the risk of overdose is increased.

#2. Less Dosing Control

Edibles are notoriously difficult to accurately dose compared to smoking, especially if the edibles are homemade. Due to the delay in effects, many people may underestimate the dose they’re ingesting and take too much. With smoking, the instant effects allow consumers to gradually increase the dose as they go. However, determining the amount of THC in homemade edibles takes much more precision and attention to detail. You should be familiar with your tolerance and experience and adjust your estimated dose accordingly. When ingesting edibles, always be conservative in your THC dose estimate and wait an appropriate amount of time for the high to set in.

#3. Health Benefits

Many people don’t feel comfortable smoking any substance and they’re worried about the long-term health concerns associated with it. Although there are several safer alternatives to this, edibles often provide a longer-lasting effect, making them a preferred consumption method. They can provide extended relief to pain and anxiety, often making them a preferred choice for medical marijuana consumers. The sweet treat stereotype associated with cannabis-infused foods is also being dismantled as its legalization has increased its popularity. Healthier options, such as cannabis-infused quinoa or yogurt, are available for those who are seeking an edible marijuana option that doesn’t compromise a healthy lifestyle.


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