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A Guide to Cannabis Appellations

All sorts of claims are made when it comes to describing where a cannabis strain originates from. Well-known strains like Acapulco Gold even like to include their location in their branding. But with all of these confident claims made by companies, how exactly does one know if a strain was actually grown at a given location. The solution to this conundrum is an appellation system. An appellation system enforces and helps verify where a strain was grown. In recent years, California has been moving to implement such a system that could have major ramifications for growers and consumers. Because of its increasing relevance and its impact on the industry, here’s a quick guide to cannabis appellations. 

How Would it Work?

Such a system has already been fully implemented with the wine industry. There are hundreds of certified areas across the country that have been mapped out based on certain conditions and factors. Any wine created in a designated zone will have a label saying so having been verified. Some designated areas are large consisting of millions of acres while others are smaller. 

The Need for an Appellation System

With the passage of certain legislation, California has established a cannabis appellation system. Thus far it’s been implemented in a limited manner with some counties being mapped into zones based on climate and other notable factors. However, there’s been a call to expand the system allowing for the entire state to be mapped. The beneficiaries of a state-wide efficient appellation system would be the small farmers in rural areas. It would create a more diversified competitive market in the state allowing for these farmers to be able to compete against larger businesses. Ultimately with this system, consumers are given more options and avenues to explore. 

Other States Looking to Implement an Appellation System

California is not the only state that is looking to fully implement an appellation system. There have been several efforts from groups in Oregon calling for the state to establish such a system. Although there’s been some resistance, these groups continue to call for its implementation because of the benefits it would bring to the state’s farmers and consumers.

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