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Treating Stress & Anxiety Disorders with Cannabis

If you’re a patient suffering from stress or anxiety, there’s good news: researchers are making interesting new in-roads into the biological mechanisms capable of alleviating these conditions.  A recent report published in the medical journal Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders sheds light on the effects cannabis use might have on alleviating stress and anxiety […]


Cannabis Synergy: Beyond THC

Cannabis is a plant as ubiquitous as it is therapeutic. For centuries Cannabis has held an integral role in many societies as a medicine and as a relaxant. A century ago, Cannabis extracts were used in the United States as a normalizer for disruptions in appetite and for cases of nausea, amongst their plethora of […]


CBD & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an affliction that affects approximately one million Americans, with incidence rates much higher in developing countries. IBD is characterized by illnesses such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Excessive inflammatory response in the gastrointestinal tract results in intestinal damage and disturbances in motility and secretion. Serious pain follows, as well […]


Cannabinoid-Opioid Interaction in Chronic Pain, A Review

Everyone knows that cannabis delivers various medical benefits, perhaps the most important one being pain relief.  Other drugs relieve pain, and doctors normally prescribe opiates or opioids to relieve severe pain.  However, opioid side effects include sedation, nausea and vomiting, and addiction. Nevertheless, the medical and cannabis communities have good cause to learn more about […]

Cannabis & Pregnancy

A review of cannabis use during pregnancy, published in the journal Future Neurology on July 1, 2011, clearly indicates that there are risks of long term cognitive effects when exposing unborn children to cannabis. [Developing Brain CME Chia-Shan Wu, PhD; Christopher P. Jew; Hui-Chen Lu, PhD CME] Abstract Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit […]

CBD Alleviates Symptoms Of Schizophrenia

The rebirth of cannabinoid-based science strongly suggests that cannabinoids have numerous other applications besides reducing pain. In the paper summarized here, the scientists find that CBD (cannabidiol) provides effective relief from symptoms of schizophrenia. In some strains of marijuana, CBD content is comparable or displaces THC. Historic research found CBD to be the predominant cannabinoid […]

Sex, Hormones, and Cannabis Potency

Have you ever heard that women get cranky and crave chocolate during a specific time of the month? Most people know that the menstrual cycle triggers certain behavior, but until recently science has failed to acknowledge that varying levels of hormones in females altered mood, behavior, and cognitive function (ie. memory, concentration, etc.). Because diseases […]


Terpenes: Effects in Medical Marijuana

The first thing people really notice upon inspecting a new supply of medical marijuana is – the aroma. What gives each plant its particular smell is the complex array of terpenes – the organic chemical makeup of the plant. How they relate with cannabinoids is the subject of much modern research. What is known is […]

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Weed Documentaries

The issue of CBD seizure intervention has recently received major visibility by a report by CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, neurologist Sanjay Gupta.  In both Weeds and Weeds 2 (YouTube), he has given substantial airtime evidence to alternate opinions from the general bureaucratic presumption that marijuana is highly addictive with no medical potential. Although there is […]

Sacramento Cannabis Cup Winners 2012

Cornerstone is proud to have 3 FIRST PLACE WINNERS in the Medicinal Cannabis Cup. Cornerstone’s C3 strain has high THC and entourage effects. Cornerstone’s Four Cups strain provides relief from anxiety and depression. And, Cornerstone’s Blueberry OG is a high CBD medicine with strong anti-inflammatory effects. Cornerstone also earned two HONORABLE MENTIONS for our Cheese […]