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Using Cannabis to Help You Take Care During Mental Health Awareness Month

Part of taking care of your health and well-being entails prioritizing mental wellness. Looking after your mental health and addressing issues like stress and anxiety will only benefit your long-term health and help you achieve physical and emotional balance.   With May being the official month for mental health awareness, we here at Cornerstone Wellness cannabis […]

The 4 Most Important Cannabis Certifications and What They Mean

Cannabis users are increasingly looking to purchase premium, organic marijuana products. Shopping for organic cannabis products can be a challenging experience as there is no official designation for such items. As cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, marijuana products cannot receive organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture.   Fortunately, many cannabis […]

4 Useful Ways to Buy Sustainable Cannabis

As the effects of climate change become more apparent with each passing year, it’s never been more critical to ensure that our actions and behavior are in the best interests of our planet’s health. It’s on all of us to leave the planet in better shape for the future generations that come after us. Cannabis […]

4 Reasons Cannabis and Earth Day Are a Perfect Fit

With 4/20 and Earth Day right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to closely examine your personal habits and think about whether you’re doing your part to help preserve the planet we all share.  From recycling to taking public transportation, there’s plenty that one can do to positively impact the environment. This […]

Can CBD Help Treat Traumatic Brain Injury?

With March right around the corner, you’ll likely be hearing more about brain injuries and the impact they have on those who suffer from them. March is the official month for brain injury awareness, and this is when important topics like improving the quality of life for those with traumatic brain injuries are highlighted.  Traumatic […]

Is California’s Legal Marijuana Dispensary Industry at Risk of Collapsing?

California marijuana advocates warn that the state’s legal cannabis industry could collapse if steps aren’t taken to combat rising operating and regulatory costs. In recent months, various state cannabis groups, from farmers to small business owners, have raised their concerns over what they believe is an increasingly unstable marketplace caused by a burgeoning illegal marijuana […]

Can Cannabis Help Prevent COVID-19?

A promising new study has indicated cannabis’ potential in helping prevent COVID-19 infections.  The study, completed by researchers from Oregon State University and Oregon Health & Sciences University, has revealed encouraging data that show hemp compounds serve as effective therapeutic agents capable of blocking the virus from entering human cells.  When paired with scheduled vaccinations, […]

Looking Toward the Future with Regenerative Cannabis Farming

Environmentally-friendly cannabis farming practices have become more relevant as marijuana has increased in popularity and expanded as an industry. Cannabis farms and organizations are exploring different avenues daily for the ideal approach that helps maintain a healthy ecosystem and still produces effective products. Regenerative agriculture has emerged as a viable solution for many in this […]