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Our Guide to Holiday Cannabis Gift-Giving

Cornerstone Wellness is showing appreciation to all of our members by offering the year’s biggest discounts along with a 5c item with every purchase. We’re also running great deals on all your favorite products & frosty flowers. Take advantage of the tailored holiday collections from our recreational marijuana dispensary and get the perfect holiday gift […]

Get Better Sleep with Cannabis Golden Milk Elixir

The importance of good sleep cannot be overstated. Getting a good night’s sleep can lead to improved mood, reduced stress, and several other health benefits. However, doing so can be difficult for many. If you are still struggling to get a good night’s sleep after seemingly exhausting all of your options, a possible solution to […]

Celebrating Local Craft Cannabis Farms

In the spirit of the harvest season, we at Cornerstone Wellness would like to take a moment to recognize the work of California’s organic cannabis craft farmers. We truly value our relationship and connection to these heritage farms, which share a great deal of responsibility in the tremendous growth of the cannabis industry and the […]