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Benefits of Cannabis for the Health of Elderly Users

More and more elderly Glendale residents are turning to cannabis because of the benefits it can have for one’s health and well-being. Over recent years as further tests have been performed and our knowledge of marijuana increases, the view that medical and recreational cannabis can give positive health impacts has only grown. It’s this development that has enticed many senior residents to seriously consider an option that previously they may have not looked at. But just what are the health effects of cannabis and what benefits can it provide for elderly users? 

Pain Relief

As we get older, we become more susceptible to different ailments like arthritis, lower back pain, pelvic pain, and migraines. These types of pain can vary in terms of severity with some being considered acute and only persisting for a few days, while others are seen as chronic conditions that can develop slowly over time. Cannabis has been used by elderly individuals to help alleviate the pain brought upon by these illnesses. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties found in THC and CBD, which are the active ingredients of cannabis. Various research conducted with elderly users has also substantiated the claim that marijuana can be useful for lowering pain.

Treating Insomnia

Insomnia is an issue that is prevalent amongst older individuals. Traditionally, this disorder is treated using sleeping pills. This type of treatment, however, can hold negative consequences for its users like chemical imbalance and addiction. Because of this risk, elderly individuals are increasingly choosing marijuana as a way to treat insomnia. Both THC and CBD are known to be able to produce a calming effect that can make it easier for users to fall asleep.

Increases Bone Strength

One particular issue that aging brings is the weakening of our bone structure. This can negatively impact us in a variety of ways like lessening our strength and inhibiting our ability to perform certain tasks. This impact is magnified for elderly individuals who suffer from serious conditions like arthritis. Cannabis can be the solution to this predicament. Research done from numerous sources has indicated that CBD can play a role in increasing the strength of our bone structure and helping heal any fractures that have occurred. 

Improves Appetite 

A declining appetite and the negative effects that come with it is something that can affect the health of elderly individuals. Failing to consume enough food will usually also mean that you’re not obtaining the necessary vitamins and nutrients that you need for the day. Being deficient in vitamins and nutrients will make elderly patients more susceptible to health conditions and illnesses. With cannabis, elderly individuals can improve their appetite and increase their willingness to consume more food. This is caused by THC and its ability to stimulate appetite. 

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