Can Cannabis Help Prevent COVID-19?

A promising new study has indicated cannabis’ potential in helping prevent COVID-19 infections. 

The study, completed by researchers from Oregon State University and Oregon Health & Sciences University, has revealed encouraging data that show hemp compounds serve as effective therapeutic agents capable of blocking the virus from entering human cells. 

When paired with scheduled vaccinations, the study’s authors say that the use of these cannabis compounds can help prevent the spread of the disease and progression of it in those infected. 

“With the widespread use of cannabinoids, resistant variants could still arise, but the combination of vaccination and CBDA/CBGA treatment should create a more challenging environment with which SARS-CoV-2 must contend, reducing the likelihood of escape.”

The study featured extensive testing that entailed incubating the live virus with cannabis compounds and a control variable. After 24 hours, they were then injected into human epithelial cells.  

What was discovered was that cells that had been treated with the cannabis compounds did not contain SARS-CoV-2 RNA. 

The same test was performed on several COVID variants, and they all produced similar results hinting toward marijuana’s possible effectiveness against the disease. 

“Our data show minimal impact of the variant lineages on the effectiveness of CBDA and CBGA, a trend that will hopefully extend to other existing and future variants,” the study’s researchers write in their report. 

In the study, researchers also say that the recommended method of cannabis use for COVID-19 prevention is through oral administration. Liquids, pills, and other forms of marijuana that can be ingested orally are ways that allow the COVID-preventative cannabis compounds to enter a body. 

While more research is needed to determine the validity of cannabis as a solution to preventing COVID-19, we already know about its many other health and therapeutic benefits. 

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