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Easing the Holiday Blues

The arrival of the holiday season brings with it many things. While the season is a time of joy for some, for others it can be a period filled with feelings of sadness and of depression. This is especially relevant this season with so much going on and with time spent in isolation away from others. If you’re feeling down this holiday season know that it is normal and that there are ways to perhaps ease some of the emotions that you may be having.

The Types of Mood Disorders 

If you’re feeling the holiday blues, you may be suffering from a form of depression. There are various different types of depression each with their own characteristics. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder- Depression relating to seasonal changes

Major Depression- Feelings of constant sadness and hopelessness for a lengthy period of time

Dysthymia- A long-term period of mild depression of at least two years

Bipolar Disorder- Depression that is defined by rapid mood shifts, impulsive behavior, and rapid speech

The Symptoms and Causes of Depression

While depression is a different experience for everybody that goes through it, there are common symptoms that many have reported having. Depressed individuals will often have feelings of hopelessness and disinterest. They’re characterized by low self-esteem and can struggle with mundane tasks because of a lack of energy. There are various different causes of depression from stress to isolation or conflict. There isn’t just one cause of a person’s depression and instead usually a combination of factors.

The Possible Positive Effects of Cannabis

Even in earlier points of history, cannabis has been used to treat depression. It has shown in some cases to be effective in combating the symptoms of depression. Cannabis users have reported having more energy, improved mood, and less anxiety. Those with insomnia have also said that using cannabis helped with the issue. There have been various studies done that indicate that THC in low doses can help stabilize one’s mood through larger doses have shown more negative effects. It’s important to note that further research needs to be done regarding cannabis’s effectiveness in treating depression. Know that there are other methods that could have positive effects on depression such as living a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping longer, exercising more, eating healthier, and removing stressors are ways to help treat depression. Depression is a real and normal issue. If you’re suffering from it, we encourage you to seek help.  

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