How to Integrate Cannabis Into Your Workout

Amidst stay-at-home orders and social distancing, it can feel tempting to simply lounge on your couch for hours on end. This is entirely reasonable as the pandemic has taken a mental toll on so many. But if you’re looking to get off the couch and get moving, integrating cannabis into a workout can help you do it. When incorporated together, cannabis and exercising can not only bring mental relief, but it can also be physically therapeutic. To experience these benefits, here’s how to integrate cannabis into your workout. 

Think About Your Goals

When first planning out your approach to using cannabis to help with your workout, it’s necessary to think about what you’re seeking to accomplish with it. Do you need a kick to help start your workout or do you require cannabis to push you to finish one? Marijuana can even help with your post-workout recovery. Whatever your goal is can help determine how you work out, the type of cannabis you use, and how you consume it. 

Think About How Hard Your Workout Is

The intensity of your workout will shape what type of cannabis you should consume. Lower intense workouts like walking or yoga are best complemented by a cannabis product with rich THC. THC can help relieve stress and create feelings of openness and freedom. On the other hand, if your workout is a bit more intense, you’ll need cannabis products with more CBD. With a CBD-heavy product, you can avoid sedative feelings and be more active. 

Think About Your Consumption Method

How you will consume your cannabis is dependent on what’s best for your circumstances and situation. If you want the immediate effects of cannabis, try vaping about five minutes before a workout to receive that instant reaction. Meanwhile consuming cannabis through edibles or capsules will delay the effects of marijuana to a later point in time. Consuming an edible right before a workout means you probably won’t feel any effect until after you’re done with your exercise. 

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