High totem - 1G GUSH MINTZ PREROLL
    THC: 28.3%
    A body-zapping high that puts the mind at ease. Gush Mints is a heavy cross of Kush Mints and F1 Durb and Gushers, bred by Bay Area-based Purple City Genetics. As a culmination of multiple popular Cookies family strains, Gush Mints exhibits many of their beloved attributes: gassy, sweet terps with piney notes. You might not get much done, but you’ll feel great doing it. High Totem flower is grown exclusively on their farm, surrounded by redwoods and just a short stroll from the beautiful Trinity River in Humboldt County, CA. Our rich native soil, crystal clear mountain water, and the ideal Northern California climate, makes this the perfect place to grow world-class weed outdoors. Although this is a more labor intensive process, a hands-on approach allows High Totem to ensure the best quality flower, the natural way.
    1.0 grams
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