Moon made farms - CHERRY MOON
    THC: 21.2%
    Keep your spirits high up in the sky. This gem elevates the consciousness to vibrate with inspiration and pure joy. Works well for clear thinking and motivation to keep going, when hard work is in your future. Enjoy its flavorful notes of sweet candies, cherries & fresh squeezed orange juice. Lunar grown by Moon Made Farms, where it stood out for the beauty it brought to all of the senses. These incredible genetics are bred by Biovortex, at the forefront of the regenerative cannabis farming movement. Cherry Lime Dog X (Cherry Lime Pop x Black Dog) Ride on pure creative bliss settling into a relaxed and restored afterglow with our award winning flower that will awaken your senses with delicious sweet cherry, lime, lilac, and clove.
    14.0 grams
    Price per unit

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