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Monrovia, CA Weed Dispensary & Delivery

At Cornerstone Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering Monrovia residents a one-on-one, counseling-based approach to cannabis recommendations. We’ll work closely with you continually to determine which of our products will give you the desired effects with the highest chance of success. We offer consultations via email, phone, or text, so an expert Cornerstone consultant is never out of reach. If you’re a resident of Monrovia looking for an all-natural solution to any number of physical or mental ailments, visit Cornerstone cannabis dispensary today.

Cannabis is nature’s most powerful tool for healing and wellness. When utilized to its fullest, it can reduce physical pain and enhance the mind. Cornerstone Wellness offers comprehensive one-on-one personalized service to provide carefully curated natural product offerings that will guarantee optimal results.


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Personalized Cannabis Recommendations

Cannabis is a highly complex and individualized medicine that requires some amount of trial and error in order to achieve optimal results. However, receiving personalized cannabis recommendations from highly-trained experts such as the staff members at Cornerstone Wellness can help you see the effects you want in no time. If you’re a Monrovia resident looking for the best cannabis products for you, allow our team to work with you and offer personalized cannabis product recommendations that take the guessing out of dispensary visits. To make an appointment or learn more about our products, give us a call at (323) 259-8933 today.

Weed Delivery Monrovia

If you’re cruising the streets of Monrovia, California, and find yourself on a quest for premium cannabis, veer no further than Cornerstone Wellness. Acclaimed as the premier dispensary near Monrovia and catapulted into the spotlight as the Best Dispensary in Southern California at the 2022 Emerald Cup, Cornerstone is your go-to hub for an eclectic mix of cannabis products that resonate with the vibes of Monrovia. Our menu reflects our commitment to excellence, helping you easily select your favorite greens.

Dive into our menu, and you’ll be greeted by an aesthetic that mirrors the edgy, vibrant culture of Monrovia. This makes the hunt for the perfect product as refreshing as a stroll through Monrovia’s scenic vistas. Our menu isn’t just a list; it’s a visual journey that brings the cannabis shopping experience to life, right down to the detailed close-ups of our flower strains. This meticulous approach guarantees that every item delivered to your door in Monrovia not only meets but surpasses your highest expectations.

From the artisanal craft flower to the pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and more that capture the spirit of California’s cannabis culture, every pick from our menu is curated with the discerning tastes of Monrovia’s community in mind. And with our renowned Monrovia weed delivery service, indulging in your cannabis favorites has never been more convenient. 

For over 15 years, Cornerstone Wellness has championed the pillars of safety, education, and environmental stewardship, setting the gold standard long before it became the norm. Our bilingual wellness consultants, a melting pot of compassion and diversity, stand ready to guide every newcomer or seasoned medical patient on their personalized journey toward bliss. Unsure of your next pick? Reach out, and let’s explore the possibilities together. Embrace the ease and let the best of LA’s cannabis scene come directly to you without ever having to leave the comfort of your Monrovia home.

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Weed Delivery FAQs

What are Cornerstone Wellness’s delivery hours?

We are open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Does Cornerstone Wellness have same-day delivery?

Yes! All same-day delivery orders must be placed before 8:30 pm. 

Does Cornerstone Wellness have a weed delivery fee?

Delivery is free — all delivery orders have a $50 minimum purchase requirement.

Do I need an ID for my weed delivery order?

Members will need to be present with a valid ID to receive an order.

Do my Cornerstone Wellness membership rewards and discounts work with delivery?

Membership Rewards + Member Discounts are good for in-store purchases only.

Who can I contact about my weed delivery order?

Delivery Support Contact

323-614-0935 or delivery@cornerstonecollective.com