Ring in the New Year with Cannabis-Beverage Alcohol Alternatives

As we celebrate the end of one year and the eve of another, many will be gathering with friends and family. At these parties, the leading choice of beverage is usually alcohol. While alcohol can certainly be enjoyable, there’s always a risk of overconsumption, leading to unwelcome behavior and a ruined holiday party. A safer alternative that will liven up your end-of-the-year holiday parties is cannabis-infused beverages. 

A Viable Alternative

Cannabis-infused beverages have emerged as an alternative for those who prefer not to drink or serve alcohol. 

For many, part of the allure of cannabis drinks is that it allows them to enjoy an experience similar to drinking wine and alcohol but without the drawbacks. Next-day headaches aren’t all that common with cannabis beverages like with alcohol.  

Rising Popularity

While these drinks have been around for a while, increased quality and efficiency with the infusion process have allowed cannabis beverages to rise in popularity over recent years. 

Research articles show that total sales for cannabis-infused drinks have more than doubled in two years, going from $4.1 million in October 2018 to over $8.3 million in October 2020, with data pointing to substantial growth on the horizon. Cannabis beverage sales are expected to grow to a market worth $2.8 billion annually by 2025.

Cannabis Drink Options

When it comes to cannabis beverage options, there are plenty to choose from. Here at Cornerstone Wellness, we offer many different cannabis beverage choices like tonics, seltzers, and beers. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can be sure that you’ll find it with us. 

Your cannabis beverage options don’t just include pre-made drinks. With the right tools like CBD and THC tinctures and a little knowledge, you can make anything from cannabis-infused milk to lemonade and tea, all from your own home. 

Creating your own cannabis drinks will allow you to customize your dose to your liking. You can make your drink as strong or as subtle as you please. 

Ensure memorable experiences at your end-of-the-year parties with cannabis beverages found at our recreational marijuana dispensary. Customers can find the highest quality drinks, edibles, and other lab-tested marijuana products at Cornerstone Wellness cannabis dispensary. For more information about our excellent lineup, visit our marijuana dispensary, call us at (323) 259-8933 or contact us online. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will answer all of your questions to help you find the right cannabis product that best matches your preferences. Once you’ve discovered your preferences, you can take advantage of our convenient online ordering process.