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Cannabis and Autism: Can Cannabis Reverse Advanced Social Impairment?

In the past, we’ve discussed the wonderfully complex relationship between cannabis and various neurological disorders. As more and more research comes to light, it’s become alarmingly clear that the endocannabinoid system that regulates…

Treating Stress & Anxiety Disorders with Cannabis

If you’re a patient suffering from stress or anxiety, there’s good news: researchers are making interesting new in-roads into the biological mechanisms capable of alleviating these conditions.  A recent report published in the medical journal…

Sacramento Cannabis Cup Winners 2012

Cornerstone is proud to have 3 FIRST PLACE WINNERS in the Medicinal Cannabis Cup. Cornerstone's C3 strain has high THC and entourage effects. Cornerstone's Four Cups strain provides relief from anxiety and depression. And, Cornerstone's Blueberry…