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The Cornerstone Community & COVID-19

A lot is changing during these uncertain times, and many California residents have questions surrounding where they’re allowed to go and what they’re allowed to do. Grocery stores and doctor’s visits are essential, but what about marijuana dispensaries? Luckily, Cornerstone is still operating during this time, and we have made sure to amend our operations to protect our employees and customers as best we can. Here is how COVID-19 is affecting the Cornerstone community.

Can I still purchase cannabis?

Marijuana stores with a medical license, such as Cornerstone Wellness, are currently deemed essential businesses and therefore may remain open to customers. Marijuana is an indispensable healing tool for many, so we believe that everyone should be able to access the products they need for relief. In addition, many users may be feeling heightened anxiety or stress during this scary time, and cannabis is an excellent way to relieve this anguish. We are amending our ordering process in order to comply with social distancing orders and to protect our team, but rest assured that we are still open for business to existing customers.

What precautions are Cornerstone taking?

In order to streamline the process and best serve our customers, Cornerstone has modified its ordering and pickup process. We have amended business hours of 11am to 6pm, and we no longer serve customers in-store. We now require online pre-ordering for pickup. Simply visit our online menu, select your items, and place your order for same-day pickup. Orders placed after 5pm will be ready the next day. We have opened two pick-up windows for your convenience and safety. When you have been alerted that your order is ready, simply arrive with your valid government ID and cash or a debit card. All cash transactions will involve a safety tray for money transfer, and we sanitize all devices after each debit transaction. You can also limit cash handling and expedite your purchasing process by loading a cash balance onto your Cornerstone Account and opting for contactless payment via this method. We politely request that all customers wear a mask when picking up orders, as required by LA county law. If you require a consultation for your purchases, you can request one via text. 

Behind the scenes, Cornerstone employees are taking even further precautions by wearing a mask and gloves at all times and by constantly sanitizing all surfaces. We also have a medical-grade AirDoctor air purifier running continuously in our sanitized med room in order to kill all airborne viruses.

What precautions should I take?

As a consumer, there are several precautions you should be taking in order to stay as safe as possible. Firstly, never go outside if you are feeling unwell. Novel coronavirus is extremely infectious, and those you come into contact with may not be able to fight the disease to the same degree you can. Additionally, limit your trips outside even if you are feeling healthy. Try to get all essential errands done in one day, and venture out of the house as infrequently as possible. Aim to visit the grocery store once every two weeks and your local cannabis dispensary in Eagle Rock once every four weeks, if possible. Another important way to lower your risk of contracting novel coronavirus is to practice social distancing. This means not sharing joints, blunts, or bongs with anyone else during this time. Finally, while there is no proven link between smoking weed and more severe COVID-19 symptoms, it is known that COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system. If you’re worried about smoking or inhaling anything during this time, we recommend opting for THC edibles, topicals, or CBD/THC oil instead, to be safe.

These are times of radical self-care and optimal health practices. It is important to stay calm and be adaptable to the changes happening around us every day. As always, you can count on Cornerstone for the same level of customer service and compassionate care that we’ve always aimed to provide. Thank you for trusting us, and we appreciate your cooperation. To place an order, visit our online menu above. For any further questions regarding ordering, visit this guide or give us a call at (323) 259-8933.