Cornerstone Collective is California’s first research-based medical cannabis collective, established in 2007 under California’s Compassionate Use Act.

Cornerstone Research is a fully licensed collective focusing on customer education and quality products. Drawing on 11+ years of practice we offer personalized service aimed at educating our customers and providing carefully curated products. We employ strict testing standards to ensure the purity and quality of our medical grade products. We carry a wide variety of cannabis genetics that are unmatched, highly effective, and include several medical Cannabis Cup winners.




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Making the
Right Choice

Choosing the right cannabis medicine can be difficult.

Since many patients respond differently to cannabis varietals, we rely on patient feedback data collected over many years to help them make more informed choices.  The variety of our medical cannabis genetics are unmatched, highly effective, and include several medical Cannabis Cup winners.




Cornerstone is the first collective to share the latest medical cannabis research with the Los Angeles patient community.

From providing up-to-date cannabis therapeutics findings and break-throughs, to optimizing and individualizing medication strategies, Cornerstone is dedicated to raising awareness and educating our patient community. Please visit our blog where you can read about current Cannabis research studies and trials.



Quality Control

We employ the strictest standards for guaranteeing the highest quality medical cannabis for our patient-members.

Mold, pesticides, fertilizers, and insect damage are the most common contaminants of medical marijuana. In particular, mold poses a dangerous threat to patients, since smoking or vaporizing does not destroy mold toxins. Unfortunately, quality control at many cannabis dispensaries is poor or non-existent. All Cornerstone medical cannabis is tested in a professional laboratory to detect and eliminate contamination. Additionally, we test and provide complete cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles for all of our products.

Cannabis is a perishable product. Therefore, Cornerstone stores all its medicine in a specially designed refrigerator kept at a specific temperature and humidity to preserve its purity and potency. Since naturally occurring solvents in cannabis can interact with many plastics to form carcinogens, we have chosen to only use glass and chemical-resistant polypropylene for the purposes of storing and packaging our medicine.


Being a
Good Neighbor

We are committed to being an exemplary member of our local community and the medical cannabis industry at-large. Cornerstone is a fully-licensed dispensary, serving adult-use recreational and medical patients.

Cornerstone is a member of The International Cannabinoid Research Society, the Medical Cannabis Association, and The International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines. We also donate a portion of our revenues to benefit health and education organizations including Patients Out of Time, Project CBD, and the American Cancer Society.

Cornerstone has an extensive compassion program designed to provide affordable medicine to low income patients, senior citizens, members of the armed forces, and to patients who are extremely ill.

In March 2014 Cornerstone began participating as a member of the Advisory Board for the National Institute of Health’s 5-year longitudinal Study on “Cannabis Health and Young Adults” sponsored by the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and Drexel University.