Times are Tough – Let Cornerstone Help You Save Money

Rising prices have affected almost every industry, and many cannabis businesses and marijuana dispensaries haven’t been exempt from this trend. As medical and recreational marijuana users can attest, cannabis consumption can get pricey, especially if you don’t shop at Cornerstone Wellness. 

Despite current circumstances, Cornerstone Wellness has continued to provide affordable, world-class cannabis services. We help cannabis users save money through various resources and programs while still allowing them to purchase their preferred marijuana products. 

Save Money with Our Daily Deals

Cornerstone Wellness’s daily deals offer our customers discounts on a wide range of products from the industry’s best brands like Pure Beauty, Wunder and many more! Each day of the week features a new deal that cannabis users can take advantage of. Simply submit and pick up an order with your chosen day’s daily deal.   

While Cornerstone Wellness doesn’t allow for multiple offers to be combined, SSI recipients, members of our SB34 compassion program, healthcare professionals, veterans, or senior citizens may be eligible for additional discounts.  

SB34 Compassion Program – Cannabis Access for All

Cornerstone Wellness first opened its doors in 2007 with a mission to provide quality medical cannabis and extensive knowledge to our local community. Our passion for cannabis and its medicinal and therapeutic benefits inspired our mission to educate California communities on marijuana’s limitless potential. 

We accomplished this goal for several years through our compassion program, which allowed us to provide free medical cannabis to those with little or no access to it for various reasons, including low income. Sadly, our program, along with many others throughout the state, was ended after the passage of California Proposition 64 and the imposition of high tax rates that made continued operations financially unfeasible. 

Fortunately, the Cornerstone Cares Compassion Program would return after years away, thanks to the tireless efforts of advocates and the entire cannabis community in helping pass SB-34, The Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act, which helped revive compassionate cannabis donations. Today, our SB34 compassion program continues to fulfill our mission of increasing awareness of cannabis’ medical benefits by allowing us to provide free medical cannabis and cannabis products to those in need. 

Joining Our Compassion Program

Several qualifications must be met if you’re interested in joining our SB34 compassion program

To qualify for enrollment, you must: 

  • Become a member at Cornerstone and have a valid MMJ card
  • Show proof of your low-income status using your most recent tax return 
  • Be enrolled in SSI, SNAP, CAL-Works, or General Government Assistance

If you are eligible for enrollment in the Cornerstone Cares Compassion Program, you’ll have full complimentary access to our vast lineup of superior quality cannabis products for all your medical marijuana needs.

Find affordable, world-class marijuana products at Cornerstone Wellness marijuana dispensary. Our lineup includes industry-leading organic products from award-winning farms and businesses that will fulfill any need you have. Learn more about our excellent lineup and products by visiting our marijuana dispensary, calling us at (323) 259-8933 or contacting us online. At our marijuana dispensary, our knowledgeable and friendly team will address your concerns and help you find the right cannabis product for your needs. Once you’ve discovered your preferences, you can take advantage of our convenient online ordering process.