Using Cannabis to Help You Take Care During Mental Health Awareness Month

Part of taking care of your health and well-being entails prioritizing mental wellness. Looking after your mental health and addressing issues like stress and anxiety will only benefit your long-term health and help you achieve physical and emotional balance.  

With May being the official month for mental health awareness, we here at Cornerstone Wellness cannabis dispensary wanted to discuss the importance of mental health care and how cannabis can be used to help. 

The Need for Mental Health Awareness

Millions of adults suffer from some form of mental illness or disorder. Despite its relevance, it can be difficult to publicly discuss mental health because of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. The month of May allows medical professionals and advocates to raise awareness of mental health and normalize public discourse about mental illness. 

A greater understanding of mental health will lead to an increase in healthy behavior and self-care practices. With more people learning how to look after their mental health, the number of people who struggle with mental illnesses should decrease. 

Cannabis and Mental Health

Although there is still much that we have yet to discover about cannabis and its medicinal potential, various studies have delivered promising results indicating marijuana’s positive impact on mental health. Cannabis has been shown to produce effects that strengthen our mental health, like relaxing our mind, improving mood, and inducing feelings of euphoria.  

Many cannabis users have used CBD products to manage their anxiety. Some have even been able to rely on CBD to help with depression. Ultimately, everyone is different, and each user’s response to cannabis can vary drastically. Local cannabis dispensaries like Cornerstone Wellness can work with you to determine the best products and dosages for your needs.

Can Cannabis Work for You?

Mental illness is a serious matter that should be handled carefully and with professional guidance. While cannabis can serve as an effective treatment option for some cases, there are other instances where it shouldn’t be used. 

Deciding whether cannabis is the right choice for your situation should be determined by a medical professional who directly knows your needs and circumstances.

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