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Care by design - 18:1 CBD CART
THC: 3.4%
CBD: 67.1%
Experience the fastest way to get your CBD with the most popular ratio by Care by Design. This 18:1 cartridge is pure cannabis vaping that you can trust. Easy to carry and even easier to dose, you’ll feel more relaxed and taste the subtle notes of terpenes with every puff. The 18:1 ratio is perfect for those with some cannabis experience who are looking for immediate effects with little to no high. The CBD oil is extracted using a unique method that captures the full array of THC and minor cannabinoids THCa and CBDa, and terpenes and various bioactive compounds. Use the 18:1 vape cartridge when you need to wind down from a long day. Kick back on the sofa, grab your favorite cup of tea, and curl up with a good book because this ratio will take relaxation to another level.
1.0 grams
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