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Chemistry - HARMONY ROSE 1:1 CART
THC: 36.8%
CBD: 33.0%
Harmony Rose cart is from is a balanced cultivar bred from the Black Rose by the award-winning regenerative farm Emerald Spirit Botanicals. Its soft cream and earthy, floral bouquet gives way to a harmonious and functional high that really knocks the edge off. This lovely strain offers a perfect low dose, non-invasive cannabis experience to those looking for a subtle head shift that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. **Made with Sun+Earth Certified Flower** TYPE: 1:1 CBD CBD: 36.0% THC: 34.0% CANNABINOIDS: 78.1% TERPENES: 4.0% GROWN BY: Emerald Spirit Botanicals REGION: Mendocino County RELEASE DATE: 08/20/2022
1.0 grams
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