Connected - RAINBOW SHERBERT #11
    THC: 21.9%
    Quick acting spacey euphoria! Rainbow Sherbert #11, also known as "RS-11" is a balanced hybrid bred by crossing Pink Guava with OZK. This prime cut of Deep East x Wizard Trees x Doja Paks’ exclusive genetics, cultivated by Connected, has quickly gained popularity for its relaxing and uniquely euphoric effects. RS11s breathtakingly beautiful blue-green buds pack a potent punch and produce a pungent perfume that sticks in your nostrils. Perfectly cured nugs captivate connoisseurs.. Smooth smoke leaves a lingering taste of musty mango and sour cherry on the tongue upon exhale. The complex and intriguing aroma of the RS11 strain makes it a notably tasty treat, perfect for impressing friends or leveling up any smoke sesh.
    3.5 grams
    Price per unit

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