Cosmic view - INNER BALANCE 5:1 TINCTURE
    THC: 50.4mg
    CBD: 258.6mg
    A premium epicurean and health experience. This acid-rich women’s health formula made with Moon Made Farms flower rosin and infusions of nettle, olive leaf, passionflower and cramp bark. Strains have uplifting, mood stabilizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Strains: SuperCBD, Pineapple Wonder. Cosmic View tinctures are made with award-winning, cold pressed Tuscan blend extra virgin olive oil from a small farm in the heart of Sonoma County. Studies show that particular polyphenols in olive oil activate the CB1 receptor, making these tinctures more bioavailable than most. Olive oil is shown to inhibit the growth and proliferation of certain cancer cells, and has been used throughout history to promote skin and heart health. Extracts are made using a subcritical, small batch CO2 process and solventless flower rosin. Both are gentle low heat processes that retain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and other botanicals, preserving the profile of the source plant. 5:1
    30.0 milliliters
    Price per unit

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