Cosmic view - PINK BOOST TINCTURE
    THC: 281mg
    This new high THCV single-origin tincture is a very spiritual experience. For all our intuitives, highly-sensitive, even our psychonaut audience, this wildcrafted botanical blend offers a new elevated level of perception. This spirit shifting formulation in collaboration with Emerald Spirit Botanicals combines the uniquely psychoactive THCV-rich genetics of 2021 Emerald Cup First Place Winner Pink Boost Goddess with wildcrafted herbs and plants grown on a family farms. It encourages introspection, joy and wonder. This is a must try for our highly sensitive and intuitive members. Infused with estate grown passionflower, wildcrafted rose petals, and ashwagandha it has unique energizing & focusing experience, with subtle psychedelic properties. Studies show that THCV has anti-diabetic and bone restoring properties. THCV shows appetite suppressant properties, increases satiety, and up-regulates energy metabolism, supporting its potential as a remedy for weight loss and management.
    30.0 milliliters
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