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Farm cut - BOOST T1
THCV — Boost T1 is a *Limited Release* This new Pink Boost Goddess cross offers the uplifting and energizing benefits of THCV with a more relaxing undertone of beta caryophyllene and linalool. Where Pink Boost Goddess pairs an uplifting cannabinoid profile with an uplifting terpene profile, Boost T1 offers a more grounding terpene profile that may help reduce anxiety, depression and stress. Boost T1 is the first limited release this season of the newest Pink Boost Goddess crosses where we explore THCV rich cannabis with a variety of terpene profiles. This is a 10# batch that is gone for the year once it sells out so grab a few cases before its too late!T1 is an old school cultivar coming out of Dos Rios in Mendocino County. This varietal was selected by a breeder with over 20 years of breeding experience. It was called The One because out of all the crosses he had made over the years, this was his favorite varietal. He shared seeds with the community and it became known as T1. Boost T1 is the union of breeding from the 90s combined with the modern minor cannabinoid work of Emerald Spirit Botanicals. (Pink Boost Goddess x The One (T1))
7.5 grams
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