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Garden society - BUBBLE KUSH
THC: 29.3%
Bubble Kush from Garden Society, descended from the illustrious Kush lineage, offers a sensory journey with its earthy aroma complemented by sweet undertones and hints of coffee. Delivering a heavy and deeply relaxing effect, it makes an ideal choice for unwinding in the evening and embracing moments of tranquility. With its rich flavors and soothing properties, Bubble Kush embodies the epitome of indulgence and relaxation. 14 grams of high potency, hand-trimmed flower grown in the heart of Sonoma County wine and weed country. The growers at Joy Ridge Farms dedication to quality, and shared integrity and values with Garden Society, bring this partnership to life for the community and offer what they believe to be the best of Sonoma County cannabis. (Bubble Kush)
14.0 grams
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