Hello again - 3:4 HANGOVER SUPPOSITORY 2PK
    THC: 40mg
    CBD: 30mg
    We’ve created a suppository specifically for that dreaded hangover. It combines cannabis with natural botanicals to comfort your body, focus your mind and decrease hangxiety. Bounce back and move on. Why utilize the V-Force? Glad you asked. A suppository provides effective, consistent RELIEF WITHOUT THE HIGH, so you can be your best and get on with your day. Say hello to yourself again. Cannabinoids: 20mg THC: 15mg CBD each · 40mg THC: 30mg CBD container Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Cannabis Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Rosemary Morocco, Avocado Oil, Turmeric, Passion Fruit Seed Oil (Maracuja), Marula Oil, Juniper Berry, Peppermint, Ginger Lily (CO2 Extracted)
    4.74 grams
    Price per unit

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