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Houseplant - FIRE RAINBOW
Atmospherically speaking, a “fire rainbow” is not a rainbow that is particularly “fire” to use the modern slang. It’s actually a rainbow created by ice suspended in the atmosphere, which when you think about it, is pretty fire. Speaking of things that are fire, Houseplant's Fire Rainbow is a smooth and tasty varietal that’s bright, upbeat, energetic, and fun. Kind of like if you rolled up a rainbow and lit it on fire, which is yet another example of a so-called fire rainbow, although maybe an overly literal one. Occasion recommendations- working! Hiking! Being active! Getting stuff done! Basically anything that you need to do plus a little exclamation point! Main terpenes- limonene (citrus), ocimene (mint), caryophyllene (pepper) (Pink Lemonaid #2 x Huckleberry Soda)
3.5 grams
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