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THC: 691.0mg
Banana Mintz, a captivating flavor that marries the best of two legendary lineages. Born from the union of Animal Mintz and B Dog, this unique hash inherits a rich heritage. Animal Mints, bred by the esteemed Seed Junky Genetics, blends the aromatic charm of Animal Cookies, Blue Power, and GSC, offering a sweet scent and a soothing minty flavor that ushers in a profound sense of serenity. On the other hand, B Dog, a fusion of Banana Kush and Chem Dawg, exudes a pungent bouquet, marked by gassy, fruity, and nutty notes. With a sativa-leaning profile, B Dog delivers a gentle, euphoric buzz – perfect for igniting creativity or embarking on a blissful journey into the great outdoors. Together, Banana Mintz is an enticing symphony of flavors and effects that promises a uniquely enjoyable experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Red Pressed Hash has a greater amount of oil than plant material. It is very sticky and oily, giving smooth and flavorful smoke. Cultivated by East Mill Creek, a 10,000 square foot outdoor native soil cannabis farm located 5 miles inland on the north-end of the Lost Coast. East Mill Creek is built on an uplifted ocean terrace with a deep layer of topsoil blown in by the wind over time, making it an ideal texture and environment for cannabis roots to grow unencumbered. (Animal Mintz x B Dog)
1.2 grams
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