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In Anarchist Cookbook you will find plants with a mix of traits from both parents creating concoctions blending flavors and potency that break all the rules. The ideal phenotypes are vigorous fast growing plants with white frosty resin and dense flowers from the cookie's side, with sweet candy flavors and subtle gas, and purple tinted calyxes and leaf edges at the end of flowering. Shorter, less vigorous Rebel Cookie dominant plants with flavor influence from the Purple Anarchy are also exciting and offer amazing bag appeal and marketability. Cannabinoids over 30% with high CBG and CBC. Terpene potential over 3%. Outdoor harvest mid October, indoors 56-65 days. This hybrid combines polar opposite traits to create a fun and unique variety with power house potential for flavor, potency, color, and marketability. Purple Anarchy is a vigorous easy to grow tall and stretchy plant with a great yield potential and bud to leaf ratio. Its flavor is sweet candy jolly rancher raspberry fizz soda, with a subtle gas background. Rebel Cookies has been one of Rebel Grown's best selling seed lines since 2013 and has been selected and refined over the last 11 years. It grows sturdy stout plants and has dense heavily frosted buds that smell of musk and sweet incense in the air after smoking. The Rebel Cookies have very powerful but relaxing sedative effects great for nighttime before bed, while the Purple Anarchy is a perfect day time get up and go high.
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