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Solful handpicked - BLUEBERRY JAM
THC: 24.0%
Handpicked by Solful, their curated cannabis selection reflects Northern California’s rich heritage, sourced directly from small, craft farmers with whom they’ve nurtured personal relationships. Solful travels extensively to ensure the highest quality, resulting in an artisanal collection that embodies the region’s ethos. Each strain, such as the proprietary Blueberry x Honey Dew from Esensia, delivers mellow, tranquil effects and boasts a rich aroma of preserved blueberries, fruit leather, and honey. With a commitment to organic cultivation and unique genetics, Solful showcases award-winning cannabis like Esensia’s, which is celebrated for its exceptional quality and distinct terpene profiles. (Blueberry x Honey Dew)
3.5 grams
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