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Sunboldt grown - 4PK GMO HASH BLUNTS
THC: 1122.8mg
Dry-farmed on the banks of Eel river at Sunboldt-Grown this flower is crossed between Chemdog and GSC, with a unique pecan pie taste, layered with coffee and a sweet earthy flavor. Known for its sky high potency, this flower is hemp-wrapped and leveled up with the addition of the famed Loopy Fruit hash. Smoke is heavy and full bodied, and pairs well with high intensity physical activity. Recommended for the thrill seeking, adrenaline lovers. Vacuum-sealed in a universal jar for lasting freshness. The hash is from ice water made by Nasha from my farm and is infused at 11%. They are also topped with essential oil also from the farm. (Chemdawg x GSC)
4.0 grams
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This product is no longer available.

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