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Sweetleaf collective - LIGHTER
Sweetleaf is one of California’s oldest compassionate cannabis programs. We have been providing free medical cannabis to low income terminally ill patients since 1996. With the passage of Proposition 64, we are now required to pay taxes on the cannabis we give away. To do that, we are selling Compassion Lighters. Dispensaries and delivery services sell our lighters to their customers as a benefit to Sweetleaf. They retail for $3 each. The money raised from the sale of one lighter goes to pay the taxes on 3.5 grams, or an eighth, of compassionate cannabis. This program allows consumers to support compassion and quantifies the impact these lighters make. We are currently giving away compassionate cannabis through a dispensary in San Francisco. With the lighter fundraiser, we were able to give away over 3 pounds last month and 3 pounds this month. Sweetleaf is in talks with dispensaries in Humboldt, Sonoma, Sacramento, and Los Angleles and are hoping to have more locations providing free medicine. By selling Sweetleaf lighters, you will be helping expand compassion throughout the state.
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