Raw garden

    Raw Garden is a renowned California-based cannabis brand dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable, and sustainable cannabis products to consumers. Known for its exceptional seed-to-sale approach, Raw Garden meticulously controls every step of the production process, ensuring the delivery of clean, pure, and potent concentrates. With diverse offerings, including vape cartridges, sauce pens, and live resin, the brand has earned a loyal customer base and widespread acclaim for its commitment to transparency, environmental responsibility, and superior flavor and experience.

    Why Choose Raw Garden?

    Their consistent standards and dedication to sustainable production practices have earned them a reputation as one of the leading cannabis brands on the market today. From potent concentrates and innovative flavor profiles to regenerative practices and corporate social responsibility — there's a lot to love.

    Quality & Consistency

    Raw Garden prides itself on producing high-quality products using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. They utilize a "seed-to-sale" approach, ensuring that every step of the process is carefully controlled and monitored. This results in consistent, reliable products that consumers can trust.

    Affordability & Wide Product Range

    Raw Garden redefines the cannabis game, offering top-shelf products without breaking your wallet. With their razor-sharp focus on efficient cultivation and extraction, they've mastered the art of delivering unbeatable value for every kind of cannabis connoisseur. So get ready to explore an edgy assortment of live resin, infused joints, gummies, Pax pods, and refined live resin – each designed to cater to your unique vibe and style.

    Transparency & Sustainability

    Raw Garden lays it all out on the table, offering crystal-clear transparency that keeps you in the know. Strain specifics, terpene profiles, and THC/CBD content – no detail is too small. Make confident, informed decisions as you curate your perfect cannabis experience.

    Not only that, but Raw Garden walks the eco-friendly walk, too. With rainwater capture systems, natural pest management, and energy-smart practices, they're crafting a greener future for the cannabis industry. Join the eco-conscious revolution and feel good about your choices, inside and out.

    Purity & Potency

    Raw Garden's extraction process is second to none, preserving every nuance of the natural terpene profile and cannabinoid content in its products. The result? A dynamic and potent flavor experience sets the bar for the competition. Enjoy the clean, satisfying sensations of their concentrates, and rest assured that every puff was crafted with the utmost care.

    But the dedication to quality doesn't stop there. Raw Garden is all about sustainability and takes an all-natural approach to farm. They customize dry and liquid fertilizers for each field, use zero herbicides, and only work with OMRI-listed inputs to keep their Clean Green Certification intact. You won't find any shortcuts here!

    And with the help of beneficial insects, biologicals, and OMRI-listed foliar feedings, their crops stay healthy and disease-free, delivering industry-leading yields per acre. Get ready for a cannabis experience that's as authentic as it is elevated.

    Shop Raw Garden with Cornerstone Wellness

    With a commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability, Raw Garden is leading the charge in the cannabis industry. From their innovative cultivation and extraction methods to their all-natural, environmentally conscious approach to farming, Raw Garden offers an exceptional cannabis experience that simply can't be beat.

    And at Cornerstone Wellness, we're thrilled to offer Raw Garden products at the lowest and most exclusive prices in LA. So why settle for anything less? Step into our shop and discover the full range of Raw Garden's offerings.