Welcome to the new age of cannabis delivery systems with STIIIZY! This revolutionary brand is changing the game for cannabis users everywhere with its discreet, convenient, portable products. 

    From high-potency flower to prerolls, edibles and concentrates, STIIIZY promises purity and strength in every product. By staying ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving market with its forward-thinking developments, STIIIZY ensures its customers can access only the most progressive products on the market.

    Why Choose STIIIIZY?

    Step into the world of cannabis and make a difference — STIIIZY has made it their mission to give back since day one. Not only can you take advantage of exceptional quality products plus exclusive discounts and loyalty program, but you can also make a difference in the world when purchasing. 

    Founder James Kim was motivated by his military service to donate funds to organizations that aid veterans and their families in local communities and beyond. So every time you enjoy premium-quality cannabis, you're empowering your community — that's what STIIIZY is about.

    But that's not all, here are a few more reasons Cornerstone Wellness trusts STIIIZY:

    Quality Products

    As we said, STIIIZY isn't just another cannabis brand — they're one you can trust to deliver consistently clean and potent products. From signature specialty Pods and THC gummies to flower, concentrates and accessories, they offer something for everyone. But that's not all — STIIIZY only works with their in-house California growers, meaning you know you're getting the highest quality single-source product every time.


    STIIIZY remains committed to pushing the boundaries of cannabis products. From developing a methodical extraction process that creates a clean, pure concentrate free from residual solvents, pesticides and other unwanted elements to an eco-friendly packaging system designed to keep your products fresh and safe from contamination, they setting the standard.

    Beyond that, the STIIIZY Pods, used with their proprietary battery, are designed with the consumer in mind. These state-of-the-art products provide a consistent and reliable experience with every hit. Plus, the specialty pods easily switch out, making it effortless to customize your experience. They also deliver solid accessories like the STIIIZY battery and charging cable. These user-friendly items are ideal companions for cannabis users who want something portable yet functional when on the go.

    Superior Strains

    Their carefully curated selection of strains covers all the bases — from sativa and indica to hybrid options. Moreover, STIIIZY takes pride in the cultivation and extraction processes, carefully growing and harvesting cannabis to ensure optimal flavor and cannabinoid content. So no matter what you're in the mood for, they’ve got a flavor profile and THC level that meets your needs.

    Plus, STIIIZY constantly adds new seasonal strains, so there's always something fresh and exciting to try. And with a wide variety of cartridges and disposables, it’s easy to stock up on your favorites or experiment with something new.

    Community Involvement

    STIIIZY truly puts their money where their mouth is — they invest in community-driven initiatives through their Joint Efforts and Blessed programs. From donating proceeds to veterans' organizations to supporting food banks and housing initiatives, STIIIZY ensures their community is well cared for.