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4 Easy Ways to Celebrate National CBD Day

National CBD Day is intended to bring greater awareness to CBD while recognizing its growing acceptance and increased accessibility. With the August 8 holiday quickly approaching, now is the time to start making plans to make the day a special one. Whether you’re a novice to CBD or are an experienced user, there are plenty of easy ways to celebrate the occasion. 

Try CBD for the First Time

If you have never tried CBD, there’s no better time to start than on the day celebrating it. Give CBD a try to see if it’s the right type of cannabis product for you. Many users enjoy using CBD for its therapeutic benefits and the relief it can provide. Contrary to popular belief, CBD works best when paired with THC. THC’s unique healing properties work in harmony with CBD, resulting in longer-lasting relief – this is perfect for folks dealing with chronic pain and mental health issues. See if you can benefit from CBD with THC by using a CBD product from a medical marijuana dispensary and experiencing its effects. 

Gift CBD to Friends or Family

Holidays are often a time for gift-giving amongst family and friends. Celebrate National CBD Day by gifting CBD to those closest to you who would be interested in it. 

If your gift recipient is less familiar with CBD and its effects, we recommend getting a variety of CBD products from your local cannabis dispensary to test each one out to see if they have a preference. 

However, if you’re looking to give CBD to someone with extensive experience with it, it’s best to ask them what type of product they typically prefer so you can gift them something they’ll enjoy.  

Try a New CBD Product

Whether it’s gummies, topical creams or even a social tonic, users can experience CBD and its benefits in several different manners. Many cannabis users who enjoy CBD haven’t yet fully experienced the numerous ways to consume it.

In honor of National CBD Day, cannabis users can expand their horizons and try a CBD product they haven’t used before. You may find a new favorite product to add to your cannabis routine.  

Celebrate on Social Media

If you don’t have anyone in your life to celebrate National CBD Day with, you can always connect with others online who share your love for CBD through a social media platform. Joining a cannabis group or using hashtags can help you find like-minded individuals with similar interests.

When the day arrives, consider posting a CBD-related picture with a #NationalCBDDay hashtag and tagging Cornerstone Wellness on Instagram to let everyone know you’re celebrating the special occasion. After making your post, you can click on your hashtag to see and connect with other CBD users who are also enjoying the holiday. 

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