2x Emerald Cup Winner – Voted Best Dispensary in Los Angeles and SoCal in 2023 and 2022

Plant, Planet, People

We Are Cali Craft at its Finest

Sometimes it’s less about what you do, and more about why you do it. You can buy cannabis just about anywhere in Los Angeles. Why buy it from us? Does it matter if our values are aligned with yours, or that we have values at all? Here at Cornerstone Wellness we believe that it does, and where you choose to spend your money matters. Through the healing power of plant medicine, our locally-owned legacy dispensary has been serving the NELA community for over 16 years. Grounded in education and holistic wellbeing, we view cannabis as a conduit for personal evolution and as a pathway back to nature. It is this union between individual health and collective stewardship that sets us apart. We believe that cannabis can heal people, and it can also heal the planet. Over time, we’ve cultivated meaningful relationships within our community that extend far beyond mere business transactions. We’ve formed strong bonds with our fellow craft farmers and artisans who share our values, and align closely with our purposeful intentions. Through these exclusive relationships and our shared passion for soil-healing regenerative cultivation, Cornerstone has emerged as LA’s largest retailer of small-batch, eco-friendly cannabis. Our specialized menu is dedicated to providing our members with the best organic, handcrafted flowers & products that Cali has to offer. Including unique and coveted genetics cultivated by the most respected growers and breeders on the planet. Purchasing from Cornerstone means that you are contributing to a vibrant eco-system of hope and healing. We are humbled to have been recognized by our cannabis community as the Best Dispensary in Southern California two years in a row, at the Emerald Cup awards. Our dedication to providing unparalleled service and high-quality craft cannabis is something that we consistently nurture.

Here to Help

Cannabis is more than just one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a personalized medicine that deserves individualized attention. Rooted in a strong sense of local community, Cornerstone was established to create a welcoming sanctuary where individuals feel safe sharing their needs and stories. Recognizing that each person has different preferences, we offer personalized guidance through one-on-one counseling with our knowledgeable team members.  At Cornerstone, we deeply value the insights gained from our members’ feedback. We are dedicated to actively listening, learning, and in turn, offering a more precise guide to well-informed cannabis selections. Our team of wellness consultants, compassionate and well-versed in their craft, represent diverse backgrounds and provide bilingual assistance. It’s this philosophy that has separated us from ordinary dispensaries and has made us the leading choice in Southern California. We are here to make your cannabis journey a fun and enjoyable experience.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable staff, give us a call today at (323) 259-8933, or send us an email at info@cornerstonecollective.com.