4 Reasons Cannabis and Earth Day Are a Perfect Fit

With 4/20 and Earth Day right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to closely examine your personal habits and think about whether you’re doing your part to help preserve the planet we all share. 

From recycling to taking public transportation, there’s plenty that one can do to positively impact the environment. This includes supporting cannabis organizations that employ eco-friendly practices and prioritize benefiting the environment. 

When done with the necessary care and consideration, cannabis cultivation can increase biodiversity and enhance the overall health and well-being of the planet. 

Cannabis Leads the Fight against Climate Change

An increasing amount of cannabis farms are choosing to employ a carbon sequestration model that allows their plants to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere can make a substantial impact in combatting climate change and its consequences. 

Numerous studies have shown that hemp is one of the most effective plants for carbon storage, surpassing even trees. As carbon sequestration becomes even more prominent in the farming sphere, cannabis plants are likely to be at the forefront of the movement.  

Cannabis and Hemp Revitalize Damaged Soil 

One of the best things we can do for our planet is to leave it in a better place than when we found it. Hemp can help us achieve this goal by serving as a tool to restore degraded soil and reverse the damage that has occurred to it. 

Through bioremediation, hemp can revitalize damaged soil by targeting and degrading the pollutants that have contaminated it. In the future, the use of bioremediation through cannabis plants may be the key to preserving the long-term health of our planet. 

A Zero-Waste Plant Optimized for Sustainability

In our pursuit to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and the future generations that come after us, hemp will be vital in helping fulfill this vision. Hemp is a zero-waste plant whose entire structure can be used for productive purposes.

Its seeds make for a nutritional meal and are used in wellness products, while the stalk of a hemp plant can also be converted into a sustainable construction material called hempcrete. Hempcrete has served as a building material for many eco-friendly housing projects. 

Curbing the Effects of Deforestation 

Over the past century, increased industrialization has led to the destruction of many forests. Countless trees have been cut down to compensate for the rising demand for resources and building materials. This has undoubtedly done irreparable harm to the health of our planet and has made it more challenging to battle climate change. 

The effects of deforestation cannot be overstated, which means that it’s imperative that we do our best to curtail it as much as possible. Hemp can be a valuable tool in this regard because they grow quicker than trees and produce just as many resources even with fewer plants. 

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