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Debunking 5 Common CBD Myths

CBD has seen an exponential rise in popularity over the last few years as its medical benefits and safety have come to be well-known even outside the cannabis industry. However, the legal gray area surrounding CBD and other cannabis derivatives allows misconceptions to form due to a lack of regulated studies on the substance as compared to other, similar treatments. As a cannabis dispensary with a passion for educated consumer empowerment, Cornerstone is here to debunk five common myths about CBD so you can make a more educated decision about whether CBD products are right for you.

1. CBD is medical & THC is recreational

One common belief is that CBD products are for those who need medical benefits whereas THC is exclusively used for recreational purposes; i.e. to get high. The truth is that both compounds have medicinal benefits that have been repeatedly proven through scientific studies and clinical trials. The pleasurable or psychoactive effects produced by THC don’t negate the medical benefits that they bring to users who turn to THC-dominant products for pain relief. However, this myth is partially true inasmuch as CBD usually isn’t used for recreational purposes, since it doesn’t produce any sort of pleasurable effect on the mind.

2. More CBD is better

Since CBD doesn’t produce the same intoxicating results that THC does, many people believe that there’s no such thing as too much CBD. However, it’s been shown that extremely high doses of CBD can produce negative side effects such as tiredness, reduced appetite, and digestive changes. Although the most common side effects of heavy doses aren’t life-threatening, it’s always best to find the perfect dose for you in order to see effective results. Start with small doses and increase as needed until you achieve the effect desired. After this, don’t continue to increase your dosage unless you notice that this dose stops working effectively for you over time.

3. CBD cures all

Another commonly-held but mistaken belief is that CBD can cure anything you throw it at. CBD is highly effective at relieving pain from a host of issues, but it isn’t a guaranteed cure-all. According to preliminary research, CBD is best for sleep management, anxiety relief, pain management, and inflammation. Speak to your doctor or your local weed dispensary employee to find out if CBD could be the right treatment for your particular ailment.

4. CBD works right away (or doesn’t do anything)

The effects of THC are generally immediately noticeable once the substance reaches your brain. CBD, however, may not produce the same “There it is” feeling that allows you to immediately identify its effectiveness. While some users report immediate pain relief upon first application, others may not notice its working until after a prolonged period. For example, anxiety sufferers are unlikely to identify an instant relief from feelings of anxiety once they take CBD. Noticing the absence of omnipresent pain is easier to do than noticing the absence of a feeling such as anxiety. You may chalk it up to just not being anxious that day, until prolonged use allows you to confirm that CBD is responsible for your relief. Just because you don’t notice an obvious difference right away doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Identify what symptoms you want to relieve with your CBD before you begin taking it and write down what days you experience those symptoms once you begin treatment. This will help you more clearly and easily identify whether CBD oil is effective for you.

5. All CBD oil is the same

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of CBD oils on the market. But what’s the difference between all of these? Don’t they do the same thing? The short answer is, no. CBD oils aren’t 100% pure CBD; they often have other compounds and botanicals in addition to the CBD that could drastically affect how your body reacts to the oil. These oils will have varying terpenes, doses, and levels of THC (if they contain any THC at all). For example, a hemp-derived CBD oil will react with your body differently than a higher THC cannabis-derived CBD oil. 

If you need help deciding which CBD product is right for your unique ailments, trust the experts at Cornerstone Wellness cannabis dispensary. Our team can offer you personalized recommendations based on our unique, one-on-one counseling approach. We understand that cannabis is a highly personalized medicine, so we always strive to match our customers with the exact product that will give them optimal results for their needs. To find out more about our products or schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (323) 259-8933.