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How to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

Whether you use cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, consuming products that contain THC will elicit effects such as pain reduction and feelings of euphoria. If you accidentally consume too much marijuana, however, you could find yourself experiencing symptoms that leave you feeling less than stellar. No one wants to experience a high that’s too intense, but it’s common in new users or those trying out a new product from their local weed dispensary. If you fall victim to a too-intense cannabis high, here are a few ways to counteract the effects and feel better more quickly.

  1. Exercise

If you live in a safe environment that won’t exacerbate any feelings of anxiety or paranoia, go for a walk or run around your neighborhood. Fresh air and exercise will help invigorate you and lower your blood pressure, reducing the effects of your high. It can also distract you from fixating on your high or help you burn off excess energy if you’re feeling jumpy. Make sure that you stay in your immediate area so you don’t get lost, and refrain from physical activity altogether if you’re feeling at all lightheaded. 

  1. Drink Cold Water

Drinking a lot of water and staying sufficiently hydrated is one of the most effective ways to help manage a high that’s become too intense. If possible, drink ice water, as cold water increases your blood volume. This makes it easier for your heart to pump blood throughout your body, which will slow your heart rate. Keeping your blood circulating at a quicker pace will also help flush the THC out of your system more quickly. 

  1. Try CBD

Although it may sound counterintuitive to ingest more cannabis-derived products, it has actually been found that CBD products help counteract THC and bring down your high. Stop by your nearest cannabis dispensary and ask for a CBD tincture or CBD water. The CBD will block CB1 receptors in the brain and suppress the effects of THC quickly. Make sure to ingest the CBD via vape or tincture in order to feel the fastest relief.

  1. The Black Pepper Trick

Eating or sniffing black peppercorns is another well-known trick for bringing down a high. Black pepper contains a terpene called beta-caryophyllene, which, in combination with marijuana’s tetrahydrocannabinol, increases the sedating effects of THC and can subdue feelings of paranoia. Chew two or three pieces of fresh black peppercorn or sniff a bowl of crushed peppercorns, being careful not to inhale any. 

  1. Try to Sleep It Off

If none of these other options are effective or possible for you to try, the best thing to do is sleep it off. Turn off the lights, brew some CBD-infused tea, and tuck into bed. Although you may find it difficult to sleep right away, try closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. Resting for a few hours will allow you to awake sober and recharged. 

It can be tempting to visit your nearest cannabis dispensary and try whatever products look best, but this can ultimately leave you with negative experiences such as a too-intense cannabis high. Everyone’s body reacts to cannabis differently, so it’s important that you choose strains, doses, and product types that are most suitable to you. Here at Cornerstone Wellness, we go above and beyond the typical weed dispensary experience. We offer a comprehensive one-on-one counseling approach in order to tailor recommendations to your unique endocannabinoid system and maximize your chances of success with our products. As the first evidence-based medical dispensary in California, we believe in empowered wellness. To browse our carefully curated natural product offerings or experience our unparalleled customer service, give us a call today at (323) 259-8933 or stop by our Eagle Rock location.