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How to Get the Best Personalized Cannabis Recommendations

Cannabis is a highly complex and individualized medicine that requires some amount of trial and error in order to achieve optimal results. However, receiving personalized cannabis recommendations from a highly-trained weed dispensary employee such as the experts at Cornerstone can help you see the effects you want in no time. If you’re a Glendale resident looking for the best cannabis products for you, here’s how to receive the best personalized product recommendations.

Know What You’re Comfortable With

Any good weed dispensary will start your consultation by asking about your past experiences with cannabis. Have you tried it before? If you have, they’ll likely ask what strains or product types you’ve tried and seen the most success with, and then they’ll work from there. If this is your first time using cannabis, however, they will have less to reference when making their recommendations, so doing ample research before your visit and knowing what strains or product types you’re comfortable with will help them in their recommendations. Some users may prefer smoking flowers, and others may be against smoking altogether. Some may feel more comfortable with discrete methods of ingestion such as edibles or mints, while others may feel more comfortable starting with topicals. Additionally, some new users may be hesitant to try THC-dominant strains or feel any kind of high. Know what effects and methods you’re comfortable with and make this clear to your marijuana dispensary employee beforehand so they can better tailor their recommendations to you.

Know What You Want Your Cannabis For

Is your cannabis medicinal or recreational? Do you want pain relief or psychoactive effects? Having an idea of what you want to achieve with your cannabis use before you visit your local weed shop will help the employees offer you the best recommendations for your needs. The strains and products best suited for anxiety relief are different than those best for physical pain relief, and these will both be different than the strains that are optimal for increased energy and focus. Having a clear objective and knowing what you want the result of your cannabis consumption to be is crucial to receiving the best personalized cannabis recommendation from your weed dispensary.

Choose Your Dispensary Wisely

Unfortunately, not all dispensaries will take the time to offer you personalized recommendations. While most will tell you the difference between their strains or product types, one-on-one personalized recommendations can be hard to find in a local weed shop. Cannabis is a highly complex substance that affects each individual’s endocannabinoid system differently, which makes personalized cannabis recommendations both crucial and extremely difficult to successfully obtain. Choosing a cannabis dispensary with a reputation for thoughtful and successful personalized product recommendations will make your experience with marijuana much more pleasant than randomly selecting something from your local weed shop based on your Google research.

Here at Cornerstone Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering Glendale residents a one-on-one, counseling-based approach to cannabis recommendations. We’ll work closely with you on a continual basis to determine which of our products will give you the effects you want with the highest chance of success. We offer consultations via email, phone, or text, so an expert Cornerstone consultant is never out of reach. If you’re ready to get started on the path to holistic healing and wellness, give us a call at (323) 259-8933 and we would be happy to talk to you about your many options.