Important Things to Know about National Cannabis Awareness Month

The marijuana industry officially recognizes April as National Cannabis Awareness Month. With April right around the corner, many are just beginning to make plans to celebrate the special occasion. From cannabis advocacy to increased marijuana consumption, there is no shortage of options for you to choose from to honor the month-long event. 

The Purpose of Cannabis Awareness Month

Once shunned and heavily critiqued by the general public, cannabis is now more popular than ever and has undoubtedly made significant strides in relevance and acceptance within society. Over recent years, states like California have enacted legislation legalizing cannabis, granting millions access to recreational and medical marijuana. 

During National Cannabis Awareness Month, cannabis advocates and users can reflect on the meaningful progress made in the industry while raising awareness of marijuana and the work that still needs to be done. Through events, discussions and blog entries, marijuana supporters engage in spirited efforts to provide a greater understanding of cannabis and to create more nuanced discourse around it. 

Why is April National Cannabis Awareness Month?

While there are several reasons why April was chosen for National Cannabis Awareness, the significance of the date April 20 can’t be ignored. As marijuana has gained popularity, the number “420” has become synonymous with cannabis. 420 has become so ingrained within the culture that even non-users recognize the link and association between the two.

Celebrating Cannabis Awareness Month

Users can choose to celebrate National Cannabis Awareness month in various ways. One quick, easy way to do so is by supporting local marijuana dispensaries and purchasing their favorite cannabis products. 

Many medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries like Cornerstone Wellness commemorate the month with enticing sales. At Cornerstone Wellness, we’re having a “three days of deals” event from April 20 through April 23, where members will have exclusive access to many incredible deals on our cannabis products and accessories. 

Users can do their part to spread awareness of marijuana by learning more and encouraging open discourse with others. Informed discussions about cannabis will make more knowledgeable of the physical and mental benefits of marijuana. 

Those who want to be more actively involved can also volunteer at an organization advocating for cannabis reform. Many groups are currently working hard to ensure a fairer, more equitable cannabis experience for all. 

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