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Looking Toward the Future with Regenerative Cannabis Farming

Environmentally-friendly cannabis farming practices have become more relevant as marijuana has increased in popularity and expanded as an industry. Cannabis farms and organizations are exploring different avenues daily for the ideal approach that helps maintain a healthy ecosystem and still produces effective products. Regenerative agriculture has emerged as a viable solution for many in this regard as it is a philosophy that respects and benefits our environment while also yielding top-tier cannabis.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture entails farming practices that increase biodiversity, improve the water cycle, and enhance ecosystem services. 

Although regenerative farming practices aren’t a new concept, they’ve been far less prominent over recent years due to the increased use of intensive agriculture with larger farms. 

The substantial rise in marijuana sales and production has forced many to reconsider current farming practices and their impact on our environment. 

For this reason, regenerative cannabis farming is receiving further attention as it is an approach that considers the health of the planet and plant during the growth process. 

Conscious Cultivation

A significant part of regenerative farming is conscious cultivation. Conscious cultivation involves thinking about a cannabis plant as a crop and its role and impact in an ecosystem.  

With conscious cultivation, farmers give great care to their plants, tending to their every need and prioritizing best practices for maintenance and growth. 

Spreading Regenerative Practices  

Growers are encouraged to share their practices and techniques to further spread regenerative agriculture and its benefits throughout the cannabis industry. 

A collaborative approach to regenerative farming will help its practices become more commonplace on farms and in the industry. 

Increased awareness of regenerative cannabis farming is essential amidst growing marijuana production and the use of less-sustainable agriculture. 

Having more consumers and farmers learn of regenerative agriculture can only serve to benefit the movement and help it grow.    

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