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National Expungement Week: Make an Impact

Although 2016 officially made the use of marijuana legal in California, prior years of criminalizing recreational cannabis use has left thousands in the state still facing the repercussions. In response to such injustice, National Expungement Week is a nationwide effort seeking to bring awareness to the plight of those disproportionately punished for an act no longer considered a crime. 

The weeklong expression of activism, occurring from September 19-26, 2020, advocates for expunging marijuana-related convictions from individual records and freeing these people from the stigma of having a conviction. The war on drugs has impacted millions preventing many from working, going to school, voting, or receiving other vital services.

Seven hubs across Los Angeles are working directly with city and county officials throughout the week to speed up the record-clearing process. The week consists of events such as coordinated relief clinics, discussions, and healing sessions that are occurring throughout the country. These events are meant to support those previously and currently negatively impacted by the war on drugs by providing relief and opportunity. These efforts are spurred on from a desire to uplift and invest in communities that have been marginalized for too long. This is not simply a short term commitment to help. Instead, it is a long term investment into bettering lives as these wraparound services are going to be made available throughout the year even after this week.

Cornerstone Wellness is proud to stand behind this movement that is powered by communities of color who have been affected by this crisis and supported by non-profits like Cage-Free Repair. By raising awareness of this week, we hope to embolden those on the sidelines to join the fight. Any translators, lawyers, outreach coordinators, or therapists who are able to volunteer are strongly encouraged to do so. If you’re unable to volunteer, you can still help by donating here. The National Expungement Week movement has only grown since its origins in 2018. With your help millions of more people can receive the help they deserve. 

With its support of National Expungement Week, Cornerstone Wellness is committed to helping right the wrongs of an unjust system. Once again we encourage our patrons to donate if possible or find other means of supporting the cause. If you’d like to find out more about local weed shop laws and restrictions as well as available products, our knowledgeable team at Cornerstone Wellness marijuana dispensary can assist you in all aspects of the cannabis buying experience. Give us a call at (323) 259-8933 for more information or to schedule a visit.