The 4 Most Important Cannabis Certifications and What They Mean

Cannabis users are increasingly looking to purchase premium, organic marijuana products. Shopping for organic cannabis products can be a challenging experience as there is no official designation for such items. As cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, marijuana products cannot receive organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture.  

Fortunately, many cannabis organizations and groups have stepped up to create their own standards for certification to fill the gap left by the USDA. When shopping for cannabis at your local marijuana dispensary, you’ve likely come across some of these accreditations. But what exactly do these labels mean, and why do they matter?

Sun + Earth

Receiving certification from Sun + Earth means that a farm has met standards that pertain to organic agriculture and sustainability. These are typically outdoor farms that don’t use harmful substances and practice cultivation techniques that conserve water and promote biodiversity. 

Sun + Earth features two levels of certification, green and gold. To become certified under the more rigorous gold level, farmers must grow their crops only under sunlight without any indoor artificial lighting. At Cornerstone Wellness, we proudly carry Sun + Earth certified products at our marijuana dispensary.

Pure Certification

This certification, issued by Dem Pure Farms, is granted to cannabis farmers dedicated to growing the cleanest plants possible. Pure Certified Farmers grow their own food and nutrients, bee pollinator gardens, and save cannabis seeds for future growth. 

All farmers with Pure Certification commit to the Pure Family Agreement, directed toward implementing best cultivation practices with the utmost care and compassion toward the earth’s sensitive ecosystems. Pure Certified farmers must grow their cannabis using a closed loop system, sequester their carbon and grow as much of their plant inputs as possible.

Clean Green 

Clean Green is one of the older certification agencies in the cannabis industry and aims to provide organic benchmarks similar to the standards established by the USDA. The organization even uses the same pesticide and fertilizer standards found in the USDA Organic certification program. 

As part of their certification program, a member of the Clean Green team conducts an on-site crop inspection and lab tests all products for any contaminants. As with other programs, applicants are also expected to keep and provide a detailed record of their entire cultivation process.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Farms

Unlike other certification programs, Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Farms doesn’t conduct any on-site reviews or enforcement of its standards. Instead, farms and businesses must follow a pledge not to use synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, pesticides, and any non-organic cultivation methods. Those who sign the pledge must also agree to recycle all nutrients and organic material from the production process back into the soil.

Certified Kind

Farms and businesses that receive certification from Certified Kind fulfill requirements like detailed recordkeeping of all materials used to cultivate their cannabis and avoidance of blacklisted substances like fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers cannot have any banned substances in their soil for at least three years before harvest. 

Farms are also required to provide housing, food, and restrooms to any full-time workers. To maintain certification from Certified Kind, cannabis farms and businesses must renew their application each year. 

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