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Slices Of Wisdom: The Wedding Cake Strain

Take a tasty tour through all the cannabis strains on the market, and you’ll find one that’s truly the “icing on the cake” – Wedding Cake. Flavorful and potent, the Wedding Cake strain has risen to celebratory acclaim for a reason! Here’s what makes it such a beloved strain at Cornerstone Wellness and across California.

Wedding Cake Strain Info

Born under the golden California sun, Wedding Cake has soared in popularity over the years. Since its inception, this potent flower has received multiple awards, including the Best Hybrid Flower by High Times in 2018 and the Leafly’s Strain of The Year in 2019. Join us as we unravel the sweet secrets of success behind this legendary strain.

The Art of Creation: Wedding Cake’s Genetic Makeup

Also known as “Triangle Mints #23,” Wedding Cake is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain resulting from a crossbreed of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Originating in Los Angeles, the strain owes its existence to the breeders at Seed Junky Genetics.

Sensory Profile: A Taste of Bliss

Wedding Cake is a visual masterpiece of dense, emerald-hued nugs with fiery-orange pistils. It’s quite frosty in structure, with an exceptionally sweet symphony of creamy vanilla notes. Subtle earthy pepper undertones provide contrast for a sensory journey reminiscent of a delectable wedding cake.

Exploring The Cannabinoid Content of Wedding Cake

On average, Wedding Cake showcases a robust cannabinoid profile of about 24% THC. This high concentration of THC is responsible for the strain’s potent effects and offers a deeply relaxing, euphoric experience for most. Wedding Cake also contains approximately 1% CBG, a potent, non-intoxicating cannabinoid celebrated for its pain-relieving effects.

Wedding Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Wedding Cake’s captivating aroma and potential health benefits are woven into the strain’s terpene profile. The dominant terpene, caryophyllene, imparts a spicy, peppery essence while offering potential anti-inflammatory advantages. Elevated levels of limonene provide a refreshing citrus zest — not unlike a lemon or orange frosting — and is known for its mood-elevating and stress-relieving properties. Together with myrcene, these terpenes create a bouquet of scents (and effects!) that elevate Wedding Cake’s already legendary reputation.

Does Wedding Cake Have Any Adverse Effects?

Like any cannabis strain, Wedding Cake can cause dry eyes and dry mouth. If you’re prone to anxiety, too much Wedding Cake may be difficult to tolerate. As with any new strain, starting low, going slow, and noting how you feel when trying it is important.

What Is The Wedding Cake Strain Experience Like?

Wedding Cake offers an array of effects, including relaxation and euphoria. The combination of caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene creates a tranquil mental landscape, offering respite from daily stress and tension. The strain has also been said to induce a sense of well-being and contentment.

While the high THC content of Wedding Cake provides a potent, long-lasting high, it can be overwhelming for those unaccustomed to such intensity. Take a few moments before inhaling to properly judge how Wedding Cake makes you feel before continuing with your session.

Wedding Cake’s Medicinal Potential

Wedding Cake has garnered quite a reputation among medical cannabis patients seeking relief. The strain has shown promise in managing chronic pain with its high THC content. Some have reported finding solace in the strain’s soothing indicia qualities, promoting relaxation and calm. Furthermore, the strain also has the potential to stimulate hunger and serve as a vital asset in restoring a healthy appetite.

One Reddit user described the strain as “just enough to get the job done.” They noted that just three pulls provided a feeling of “floating” and added that you will “definitely have the munchies.”

Similar Strains to Wedding Cake

If you want to replicate the Wedding Cake experience, there are several strains out there that fit the bill. While they may not be exact matches, you can still expect a similar experience. Try these two alternatives:

  • Gelato #41: Ready to relax? With the same terpene profile as Wedding Cake, Gelato #41 should be at the top of your list. You can expect this strain to contain similar THC content to Wedding Cake as well, at around 23%.
  • Bubba Kush: This indica strain offers similar appetite-stimulating and relaxing effects with a slightly lower average THC content of around 17%.

Overall, when looking for a strain similar to Wedding Cake, seek products with a comparable terpene profile and cannabinoid profile. Don’t forget about ratios, either: How much of each compound the strain contains makes a difference.

Shop Wedding Cake with Cornerstone Wellness

At Cornerstone Wellness, we proudly serve a diverse range of Wedding Cake products to cater to various consumer preferences and needs. Whether you prefer old-school flower, like the convenience of vapes or appreciate an artfully made concentrate, you’ll find something to love on our dispensary menu. Among our offerings is the popular PAX Pod, featuring 1g of Wedding Cake Diamonds.


Is Wedding Cake Strain Sativa or Indica?

Wedding Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It’s known for its relaxing and euphoric effects, but that’s not because it’s an indica — it’s due to the right combination of cannabinoids and terpenes having that effect on your body and mind.

Is Wedding Cake a Strong Strain?

Wedding Cake is a strong strain due to its relatively high THC content, ranging from 19% to 25% on average, depending on the grower.

Are There Any Other Names for Wedding Cake?

Wedding cake may be referred to as Triangle Mints #23. Fun fact: our neighbors to the north in Canada call this strain Pink Cookies!

How does Wedding Cake Make You Feel?

Wedding Cake is generally known to induce feelings of deep relaxation and euphoria. It can have a body-wide (and not to mention mentally) calming effect.

Is Wedding Cake Suitable for Novice Users?

If you’re new to cannabis, you can enjoy Wedding Cake among your first products. However, it’s good to know that its high THC content may overwhelm you. It’s always recommended for beginners to start with a low dose and gradually increase as you get used to how cannabis affects you.

Why Is Wedding Cake So Popular?

Wedding Cake’s popularity can be attributed to its high THC content, potent and long-lasting experience, and delightful taste of sweet vanilla frosting.