Understanding The Different Types of Cannabis Consumption Methods

The beauty of cannabis consumption is that it can be experienced in so many different ways. However, with the considerable amount of methods of consumption that exist, it can feel overwhelming for newer users in particular who are still discovering what they prefer. Here’s a brief primer on some of the ways that cannabis can be enjoyed.


Smoking is one of the most common and simple ways to consume cannabis. It entails combusting the cannabis flower and inhaling the smoke. This delivery method produces instant intense effects for its users. However, cannabis users with respiratory issues are encouraged to consider other methods.


Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking and it involves heating the ingredients of cannabis to create a vapor that is then inhaled. This is a discrete and mobile way to consume cannabis for those interested in concealing their usage.


Cannabis tinctures are liquid concentrates that require just a few droplets to experience their effects. These droplets can be added to a drink or simply under your tongue. Cornerstone Wellness has several tincture options that offer users tasty flavors to enjoy. 


Edibles have become an increasingly trendy way to consume cannabis. From gummies to sodas and sweets, the possibilities are almost endless. With edibles, the effects can last for hours which is way more than other methods. However, it takes a little while longer for the effects to kick in which may deter those looking for a quick high.  


Cannabis topicals include items like creams, oils, and lotions that can be rubbed on a person’s skin and produce pain-relieving effects. If you’re a person with muscle or joint pain, this is a useful method of cannabis consumption that can help you manage your discomfort. 

No matter how you prefer to consume marijuana, Cornerstone Wellness cannabis dispensary offers a diverse lineup of high-quality cannabis products for Glendale residents. We feature lab-tested, world-class cannabis products that are the best the industry has to offer. For further consultation about our products or services, call us at (323) 259-8933 or contact us online. Our knowledgeable team will offer counseling to ensure that you choose the right cannabis product that matches your preferences.