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Why It’s Important to Know the Lab Results of Your CBD

CBD, and the many products derived from it, are becoming increasingly popular amongst both marijuana consumers, and non-consumers alike. From CBD tinctures to lotions and oils, there’s no shortage of options for users to choose from. While the variety of choices are beneficial for consumers, having a wide range of options can be a confusing, and even intimidating prospect. This can be attributed to the CBD market still being in its infancy, therefore lacking serious oversight and regulation. Each time consumers place an order, they are at risk of receiving low-quality and inauthentic CBD products from brands that are only in it to make a quick buck. This is why it is crucial for consumers to not only know the lab results of CBD products, but understand what affects the quality of said product, and what to look for during their research and purchasing journey. Cornerstone is here to help you navigate your CBD and cannabis journey, so here are some points to look out for when it comes to understanding the lab results of your coveted CBD products.

Lab Tests Help Verify Authenticity and Quality

One of the few ways for consumers to verify CBD companies’ claims of quality and authenticity is with CBD lab results. It’s important to note that hemp-derived CBD is put through less rigorous testing standards than that of its cannabis-based counterpart, significantly increasing the likelihood of contaminated and compromised products. Cannabis-derived CBD on the other hand is tested far more elaborately, ensuring a superior-quality product. Oftentimes a third-party lab is utilized to ensure objective results. CBD is loosely regulated both in the U.S. and abroad, making third-party testing an absolute necessity. For example, CBD products made in China lack adequate regulations, meaning that products coming out of the country are at a higher risk of contamination. Water and soil in select regions of the country are also contaminated with heavy metals; these metals make their way to the hemp plants in these regions, posing a risk to the health of the unsuspecting CBD user. Not having such results puts customers at risk of receiving CBD products that are harmful to them. 

What Do CBD Lab Tests Tell You?

Now that you are aware that all CBD products should go through rigorous lab testing, it’s also important to know what these tests entail. CBD lab tests include cannabinoid potency and terpene profiles, as well as pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contamination testing. All of these tests will tell consumers the amount of CBD in their products and whether or not they contain dangerous substances like heavy metals or pesticides. Knowing how much CBD is in a product is important because companies intentionally misrepresent and mislabel their items due to insufficient regulation of CBD and cannabis-based products. 

Trust Transparent Brands

Lastly, we recommend you purchase from transparent cannabis and CBD brands and do your CBD shopping at places that are willing to provide thorough CBD lab results. Places such as Cornerstone Wellness will give you comprehensive information about products like Care by Design’s CBD vape cartridges so you can know what to expect and are never unpleasantly surprised with your order.  

Eliminate the risk of a less-than-satisfactory CBD experience by reaching out to Cornerstone Wellness. Cornerstone Wellness cannabis dispensary is a trustworthy destination for world-class, lab-tested CBD and marijuana products. To learn more about our incredible lineup, call us at (323) 259-8933 or contact us online. Our friendly and expert team will answer all of your questions to help you find the right cannabis product that best matches your preferences. Once you’ve discovered your preferences, you can take advantage of our convenient online ordering process.