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Your Guide to the Strawberry Cough Strain

With its tantalizing aroma and effects, Strawberry Cough tickles senses and sparks smiles across the cannabis community. What’s the story behind this enticing strain that combines the sweetness of strawberries with a potent punch? Learn the history and lineage of Strawberry Cough and what makes it such a beloved sensation.

Strawberry Cough Strain Overview

Originating from an encounter with High Times cultivation editor Kyle Kushman and a novice grower in Connecticut, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain has garnered quite a loyal following since its discovery. Its popularity within the cannabis community and awards, including Best Flower at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup, testify to the strain’s unique qualities and effects.

Strain Potency and Cannabinoid Content

The star player in Strawberry Cough’s cannabinoid profile is THC. This strain typically reaches a THC content of around 19%, depending on the harvest and the breeder. Thank THC for this strain’s psychoactive properties and its cerebral high.

The strain is also high in CBG when compared to other strains. At an average of 1% or sometimes 2%, these may seem like small percentages, but this actually a relatively high amount for a minor cannabinoid. CBG presents its own therapeutic potential, including anti-inflammatory effects not dissimilar to CBD. Although CBG does not take center stage with Strawberry Cough, it’s a well-rounded strain that offers unique experiences and effects.

Berry Sweet Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Strawberry Cough delights your senses with a sweet strawberry aroma backed by subtle hints of other mixed berries and earthy undertones. The most abundant terpene in Strawberry Cough is myrcene, renowned for its earthy aroma and signature sweet taste. Pinene contributes refreshing, pine-like scents, while caryophyllene adds spicy notes and anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects to this strain.

Strawberry Cough’s Lineage

Strawberry Cough is a potent, sativa-dominant hybrid strain that traces its lineage to a blend of Haze and Strawberry Field strains. With an approximate sativa-to-indica ratio of 80:20, it exhibits more sativa-like physical qualities. Strawberry Cough can also have uplifting effects often expected of a sativa strain. Still, it’s important to note that strain effects come from its cannabinoid and terpene profile and not from the strain’s physical characteristics.

What Strawberry Cough Looks Like

Strawberry Cough looks as delicious as it tastes, with its abundant, dense buds adorned by a tapestry of fiery orange pistils. The visual allure of Strawberry Cough is matched by an enchanting aroma that evokes a sun-soaked garden of ripe, red strawberries mingling with earthy undertones.

Cultivating Strawberry Cough

Cultivating Strawberry Cough offers a moderate difficulty level and sizable yield. It typically flowers within 56 to 70 days or 8 to 10 weeks. This strain presents impressive yields full of large, resinous buds. It’s a generally resilient plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Strawberry Cough’s Effects: What You Can Expect

Strawberry Cough is bound to bring a smile to your face, known for its uplifting and euphoric effects. Its energizing effects are distinctly focused on your mind while your body feels light and lifted. This strain may be stimulating, so don’t be surprised if you feel motivated to clean or exercise after trying Strawberry Cough.

Exploring The Medicinal Potential Of Strawberry Cough

Beyond its flavor and aroma, Strawberry Cough offers therapeutic benefits that make it a go-to for patients throughout Southern California. Known for being a social strain, Strawberry Cough may be a good fit for patients who work through social anxiety, supporting a sense of ease and openness. And if cannabis helps you with stress, depression or other mental health matters, Strawberry Cough’s euphoric qualities may make this strain a good option.

One review on AllBud credited the strain for being “exactly as advertised” with “real strawberry smell, taste with a spicy haze finish.” They went on to describe it as a “Lovely sativa with no paranoia” and plenty of “get up and go.”

Navigating Potential Side Effects of Strawberry Cough

While Strawberry Cough offers a generally pleasant experience, it’s essential to be aware of any potential side effects when trying any cannabis strain for the first time. Dry mouth and eyes are common occurrences, so don’t panic if you feel parched. Staying well-hydrated is an easy way to help alleviate this discomfort.

As with any strain, individual reactions may vary. For this reason, we always recommend consuming cannabis in a comfortable and familiar environment, especially if you’re prone to anxiety.

Are There Any Strains Similar To Strawberry Cough?

There are a few other options you can consider if you cannot find Strawberry Cough. While they may not have the same berry-sweet flavor, the effects are quite similar.

When venturing for substitute strains, seek products with similar cannabinoid and terpene profiles. You can also explore strains that share a genetic lineage with Strawberry Cough. Here are some potential options to consider:

  • Haze: With a THC percentage of 18% and general effect including energy and creativity, Haze, aka Original Haze, is a comparable strain to Strawberry Cough.
  • Lemon Tree: Similarly to Strawberry Cough, Lemon Tree provides happy, relaxing effects and a THC content of around 17%. Consumers of Lemon Tree can also expect similar effects, including feelings of happiness and energy.

Shop Strawberry Cough with Cornerstone

At Cornerstone Wellness, we take pride in offering a wide selection of Strawberry Cough products tailored to our patients and adult-use customers. No matter your needs, our menu has something special for you. Strawberry Cough products like the PAX diamonds pod are a great place to start.


Is Strawberry Cough An Indica or Sativa?

Strawberry Cough is classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It brings energetic and uplifting effects while retaining some indica characteristics.

Keep in mind, though, that the plant’s phenotype — the physical characteristics associated with sativa plants — does not have the same effect on your body and mind as its genotype, like its cannabinoid or terpene profile. Look for a label or a lab report that details what cannabinoids and terpenes the strain contains and in which ratios.

What Does Strawberry Cough Feel Like?

Consumers of Strawberry Cough generally describe the experience as a mood booster matched with mental clarity and creativity surges. The effects of Strawberry Cough are typically felt in your head more than your body.

Is Strawberry Cough Potent?

Strawberry Cough is a relatively potent strain, with THC levels around 19%. The precise THC level can vary, so be sure to read the package for precise information.

What Is The Story Behind The Strawberry Cough Strain?

Strawberry Cough is believed to be a cross between Haze and Strawberry Fields, the latter being an indica strain from upstate New York that was grown next to strawberry fields as a way to mask the scent. Legend says that years of growing side-by-side led to the strain’s adoption of its fruity neighbor, resulting in the unique, sweet scent that characterizes Strawberry Cough.

How Easy Is Strawberry Cough To Grow?

Strawberry Cough is generally regarded as an approachable strain for cultivators of all levels.

Which Weed Strains Are Similar to Strawberry Cough?

Similar strains to Strawberry Cough include Lemon Haze, Sweet Tooth and Strawberry Durban Diesel.