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Benefits of Cannabis for the Health of Elderly Users

More and more elderly Glendale residents are turning to cannabis because of the benefits it can have for one’s health and well-being. Over recent years as further tests have been performed and our knowledge of marijuana increases, the view that medical and recreational cannabis can give positive health impacts has only grown. It’s this development […]

3 Ways CBD Can Combat Seasonal Allergies

Every year, many Glendale individuals suffer from seasonal allergies and the symptoms that come with them. From fatigue to perpetual coughing, and runny noses, having allergies can be an unpleasant experience. If you’re someone who’s fighting their allergies, but is not succeeding with traditional antihistamines, CBD may be the solution to your problems. Here’s how […]

A Brief History of 4/20

Over the last few decades, the number “420” has become synonymous with cannabis. The rise of 420 has occurred alongside the increased relevance and acceptance of marijuana within society. Today, embracing 420 and cannabis culture is no longer seen as taboo for many. Even non-users have come to recognize the association between the two. 420 […]

The History of Cannabis and Women

There exists a deep connection throughout history between women and cannabis. In fact, the history of women and cannabis can be traced all the way back to even before the Common Era. This link has persisted for centuries and remains strong until this present time.  Before Common Era 500 BCE: The mummified remains of the […]

How to Integrate Cannabis Into Your Workout

Amidst stay-at-home orders and social distancing, it can feel tempting to simply lounge on your couch for hours on end. This is entirely reasonable as the pandemic has taken a mental toll on so many. But if you’re looking to get off the couch and get moving, integrating cannabis into a workout can help you […]

Cornerstone’s Top Cannabis Products for Your Cannabae

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s not too late to get your partner a meaningful gift to show how much you appreciate them. For those with loved ones who enjoy cannabis, a marijuana product or accessory could make for an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Cornerstone Wellness offers a diverse lineup of stellar cannabis products that […]

A Guide to using CBD for Sleep, Anxiety & Focus

With so much going on and with all this time spent in isolation away from others, it’s undoubtedly a stressful period for many. That’s why taking care of your wellbeing and mental health is especially important during these times. A tool that has proven to be useful in combating symptoms of stress like sleep, anxiety, […]

Tips for Integrating Cannabis into Your Daily Regimen

Cannabis has become increasingly relevant and important in our daily lives as time has passed. With its well-advertised positive effects, more people are attempting to build their schedules around cannabis use to maximize its benefits. Successfully incorporating marijuana into your regular routine can be mentally and physically stimulating. For those who want to integrate cannabis […]