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Cannabis vs Alcohol: Effects on Your Health

Cannabis has been classified as an illegal Schedule 1 drug for almost 50 years. Schedule 1 drugs are considered to have “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” This classification has been widely contested by cannabis dispensaries and cannabis users, as cannabis has been found to have numerous medical benefits and […]

5 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Skin Health

Every year, there’s a host of new fad skincare trends, from blue light protection to diamond powder. Often, these trend ingredients have little to no medically-proven benefits, and some have even been proven to harm the skin over time. One trend in skincare that has stood the test of time, however, is CBD-infused skincare. The […]

5 Myths About Weed Dispensaries

The use of medical and recreational marijuana has become more acceptable and less taboo over the past 20 years as legal steps are being taken to get marijuana into the hands of consumers as safely as possible. As of April 2019, two out of three Americans support the legalization of marijuana for all adults, and […]

Cannabis And “Creativity”

Cannabis in North America, since its earliest roots with Jazz musicians, has always had an association with artists and musicians. Louie Armstrong, for instance, used cannabis extensively and spoke about the use during interviews. However, despite being anecdotally known as a creativity enhancer, cannabis’ creative effects have not been formally studied.  Aside from the normal […]


Current Challenges in Cannabis-Based Medicine

In the field of cannabis research and cannabinoid science, few researchers have made as large an impact as Dr. Ethan Russo. Russo has written field-defining papers about standardizing cannabis, pain management with cannabinoids, and the proposed synergy of cannabinoids. Russo’s insights range from medical and chemical hurdles of the field to political and government challenges […]


Replacing Prescription Drugs with Cannabis

One of the recurring themes in Cornerstone Blog articles is the idea that cannabis can achieve some of the results of pharmaceutical drugs with less risk to health and financial cost. Opioids, for instance, are often seen as the last line of defense in treating pain, since they represent the strongest chemical family of pain-killers […]


CBD, Alcohol Consumption + Relapse

Chances are, every person reading this article knows at least one person suffering from alcohol addiction or is suffering himself/herself. That’s because alcoholism is actually very common; we have over 3 million cases in the US alone each year! So far this addiction has resisted understanding and a consistent treatment option. As doctors currently understand, […]

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Does the Endocannabinoid System hold the Secret to Ending Migraine Headaches?

The endocannabinoid system, which is the body’s system of natural cannabinoids, receptors that metabolize cannabinoids of any source, and enzymes that control that interaction, is one of the few body-wide systems that has direct interaction with both neurological and physiological disorders. A quick review of the Cornerstone blog yields a wealth of evidence of the […]

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CBD, Fear And Memory

In previous entries, we’ve covered how cannabis might affect memory and memory consolidation. The basic idea has been that cannabis might prevent the formation of traumatic memory. However, until now, we haven’t seen any research dealing specifically with fear. The connection between memory and fear may not be immediately obvious to readers; however, as it […]